Week One Coachella Tea For 2019!

editor April 24, 2019 No Comments

Week One Coachella Tea For 2019!

Coachella is widely considered one of the worlds most popular arts and music festivals. Everybody was talking about Coachella for the past few weeks and now, when we have collected all the tea and comments from week one, here are a few things that EVERYONE is talking about:

  1. Technical difficulties took place and did their job when Nicki’s in-ear feed seemed to malfunction during her performance with Ariana Grande. Here’s what it looked like.

2. Billy Eilish didn’t have much luck with the tech either. Her mic cut off in the middle of the performance and the crowd couldn’t her Billy and rapper Vince Staples, her special guest on the show. 

3. Also, Billie forgot some of the words of her popular song “All the Good Girls Go to Hell,” but luckily, she didn’t stress much about the whole situation and recovered with a joke.

4. Ariana has been crowned as the youngest person to ever headline Coachella.


5. And Trini artist Calypso Rose is now remembered as the oldest Coachella performer ever, at the age of 78!